Hug My Doodle Contract                                                                       

  On this ________day of_________________20____, the above-described puppy is being sold to the above described person(s), under this agreement. Breeder guarantees the above-described puppy to be free of any parasites and in good health at the time of purchase. If, within forty eight (48) hours of the sale date the above buyer(s) has veterinarian proof that the above puppy is ill, then the buyer agrees to return the above puppy to the breeder. The breeder will either return the puppy in well condition or will replace the puppy. Should a replacement puppy ever become necessary, the breeder agrees to furnish a puppy out of the same litter or a future litter equal in quality, to the original puppy (quality meaning “Pet” quality) Should the buyer(s) take the above puppy to the veterinarian or incur any expenses, the breeder shall not be held responsible for any or all expenses. It is further understood, that under no circumstance will there be a refund of the purchase price. The above puppy is being sold as “Pet Quality” The above described puppy is being sold as a family pet, and a member of the family and will not be kept as a breeder dog. If for any reason, the buyer(s) are not caring for the puppy as agreed to in this contract, the breeders: have the right to take the possession of the above-described puppy. 

If the buyer(s) have questions about their new puppy, they will call Hug My Doodle. We are here to help guide and will provide the buyer(s) with a “puppy packet” containing much of the information needed in raising the puppy. The breeder’s representation that the puppy is of sound temperament is based on observation of the puppy and knowledge of its ancestry. This means the puppy is sound when the buyer(s) purchases it. The buyer is aware that behavior is based on genetics and environment. Improper training and neglect can spoil good genetic temperament. The buyer(s) must call the breeder for advice if unsure of how to deal with a particular behavior of the puppy. 

The above puppy is being purchased for the price of $___________ the purchase price, includes, de worming and shots up to the date to the time of purchase. This contract is non-transferable. 

All deposits for a puppies are $250 unless otherwise agreed upon and are non-refundable. Deposit Made: $_____



                                                                                                                  Seller information:
                                                                                                           David and Tischia Harris
                                                                                                                   Hug My Doodle

Deposit for Puppy

not just any dog.... its a doodle

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